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STM Evo 8/9 & DSM EGR Removal Plate

STM Evo 8/9 & DSM EGR Removal Plate

$ 18.00

The STM EGR Removal Plate is a bit nicer than other ones we've seen as the bolts actually sit flush into the counter-sunk, aluminum block off plate, allowing you to remove your EGR system completely from your Evo 8/9 or DSM and free up some engine space.

The OEM Mitsubishi EGR Gasket is available as well.

This modification will affect emissions and is for track use only, not intended for public roads.

(1) STM EGR Removal Plate
(2) Stainless Allen Cap Bolts (STM-MQ2580016A40000)
(Optional) OEM EGR Gasket (MD119127)

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