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Specials & YouTube playlists

English Racing Specials of the month.

 Clutchs, 60k service and towing

Free towing to English Racing for any service over $999 with in 200mi.
Evo 8/9 60 special Comp clutch parts and service Spcial

ETS GTR- English Racing Tuned, Driven & Transported,  

This nasty machine built to be top competitor in the R35 platform.  Holding world record 1/4mi & 1/2 mi records throughout the years.  The competition is huge in this platform.  Current times are 7.25ET and 213mph in the 1/4mi (NHRA Track) 244mph in the 1/2mi (V-box verified)  
While English Racing did not build this beast it has had involvement with the car since the start.  Main support is tuning, driving and some work on the car.  ETS and English are very close.   ETS is a parts MFG, and English Racing is a performance shop. 

Competition Clutch EVO X Worlds fastest and Quickest

YouTube Play list
This amazing machine was built all in house by English Racing using all English Racing spec parts.  For those that are serious about Evo X performance English Racing is your only choice.

 Jeff Bush Record setting 7sec 1G DSM

 The man that never stops.  This car keeps making moves year after year now running  7.5 seconds in the 1/4 mi making it the world's fastest true AWD Auto DSM in the world.  English Racing Built and tuned. 

The Integra That Could

This English Racing built and tuned machine has hurt the feelings of many V8s and super cars around the country.   
Here is Myles's current You tube playlist for you to enjoy.  While others just try and build them we actually build and use them.