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Nissan GT-R COBB Accessport V3 w/TCM Flashing

Nissan GT-R COBB Accessport V3 w/TCM Flashing

$ 1,350.00

The most complete GT-R tuning solution on the planet The Accessport is the world's best selling, most flexible, and easiest to use ECU upgrade solution for your GT-R. Unlock power hidden within the vehicle by replacing conservative factory settings with more aggressive calibrations. Follow our staged upgrade path with pre-loaded Off-The-Shelf (OTS) maps or use custom mapping for any modification level. It's the last engine management solution you'll ever need.

Nissan Specific Features: Fast ECU Flashing: Allows ECU map change flashing time to be reduced to 40 seconds or less!

 Map Switching: Switch to another map on-the-fly while you drive for optimal tuning for every situation.

 TCM Flashing: Reflash the Transmission Control Module to enhance launch control, perform factory gear learning, annd adjust clutch capacity and touch points.

TPMS Learning: Easily re-program TPMS sensors for new wheels and tires using the Accessport and prevent cumbersome trips to the dealership!* (*requires common Tire Pressure Positioning Sensor Tool)

Map Slot Throttle Tables: Each map slot now has unique throttle profiles, increasing the level of customization for each map slot.

Speed Density Tuning: Tune using the MAP sensor instead of the MAF sensor for big-power builds that exceed the stock MAF sensor's maximum capacity.

Realtime Tuning: Changes can be made to the map in realtime, while the engine is running. Greatly speeds up the tuning process and allows quick changes to powerful features like Lauch Control, Flat Foot Shift, and map switching. Knock Indicator: View knock events, as they occur, on the factory in-dash display




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