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English Racing Boost Activated Cut Out - Evolution X

English Racing Boost Activated Cut Out - Evolution X

$ 130.00


The Company that use to make the 60mm Wastegates no longer makes them and we have been trying all the other inexpensive alternatives to see if anything else holds up and so far they have all been junk.

we're even thought about just discontinuing the product all together because the only other way we can make this kit is by utilizing a name brand Wastegate such as a Turbosmart.

If we do go that route the kit will end up jumping price to $900 as the wastegate alone is over $550.

Until we find a good source of inexpensive wastegates this product will continue to stay out of stock.

If someone is okay will the $900 price tag we can always build them one with a turbosmart gate.

This English Racing Boost Activated Cut Out includes a 60mm Waste-gate mounted on a 3" Test Pipe, providing sufficient air flow for your exhaust gases to exit with ease.

Our test pipe has the ability to mount up to any standard Evolution X 3.0" exhaust. Simply connect the provided vacuum line to a T-connector while tapping into a boost source and you're done!

This setup gives you the ability to run your stock exhaust and still push significant power.



    • Boost Activated Cut Out
    • 6ft Vacuum Line
    • (4) Hardware Bolts
    • (2) Gaskets
    • (1) T-Connector

*Wideband Bung Optional

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